1. Md. Rahul Khan

Md. Rahul Khan came to the Lord from an orthodox Muslim family in Hooghly, W. Bengal. He is 22 yrs old and unmarried.

When he was just 6 years old, his father died. He is staying with his mother & sister. His life was so pathetic when he was a child. Nobody was there to help them financially. So they faced starvation. His mother Feriza Biwi worked at relative’s house and maintained her family. But she put her children in the school. In that terrible situation Rahul Khan studied up to 10th class. He consider as God’ blessing for his life.

He had an opportunity to receive a tract from Pastor Noor Islam who encouraged him to read it. Then he started reading the book and found that Jesus sacrificed His life for his sins. The concern pastor provided him a N.T. He learnt many stories from Bible. He understood that he is going to die one day and needs salvation from the Lord. The Word of God touched him from John 3:5 where he noticed that Jesus gives new life to His follower.

He accepted the Lord in 10th October 2002 and continued to attend in church worship service. He along with his mother and sister confessed the Lord and took water baptism on 23rd May 2004. He said that it was a wonderful experience for him. Now he does not feel loneliness because Jesus is with as He promised in Matthew 28:20. After coming to the Lord he got a good job in a private company that help him lot to maintain his family and he is thankful to for the same.


  1. Syead Rofikul and Fatima Begum 

Syead Rofiful and his wife Fatima Begum came to the Lord from a strong Muslim family from Hooghly, West Bengal. Their family is considered as the high Muslim family in the village and the people respect them. The high rank Muslim has used the name Syead. Syead Rofikul has two bookshops at Hooghly and in Calcutta. . He confesses that he spent most of his time in bookstore. Once day he purchased a booklet (a portion of NT) from a van team and started reading it. But his father knew it and discouraged him to stop reading and told “this is a Kafer for Christian”. Kafer means Allah hates to him who forsakes Muslim faith. Then he came to contact with Evangelist Juhurul Islam who spent time with him in sharing the Gospel. Shyead readthe book very secretly and later accepted the Lord Jesus as his personal Savior on Sunday 10:30 a.m. on 17th August 2003. That was a wonderful experienced for him. He confessed his sins before the Lord. He prayed to the Lord and could experience that Jesus came and gave him eternal life. He admitted that Jesus is the true savior of all and there is no other name except Him on this earth (Acts 4:12). After knowing that his father was angry but later he kept quiet.

Syead shared his salvation experience with his wife and she also came to the Lord. They both started going to the church and on 10th October were baptized. They are so happy in the Lord and ask prayer for their spiritual growth.


  1. Ms Sujata Jana

She is 25 years old and came to the Lord from a strong Hindu family at Contai. She joined at Muneer’s branch office as accountant on April 2003.

Her faith in the Lord increased in our last Christmas celebration in 2003 in which the Word of God touched her. She understood that Jesus died on the cross for her also. Once day her sister was sick and pastor Bera went to her house and prayed. The Lord touched her and healed her. Sujata’s faith increased in the Lord. She started reading the Bible.

Secretly she went to join in worship service at Pastor Bera’s church. She cried to the Lord for her sins. The Lord washed her sins and provided salvation. She came forward and took water baptism on 9th October 2004 at Contai. She has been attending in the worship service regularly.


  1. Moullana Shamsuddin

Before he came to the Lord, he was holding a very important job in Masjid. He was appointed as the super intendent of North Bengal Madarsa run under the Alia Board, Govt. of West Bengal. He was earning good amount of money. But, his father- in- law (who is working as a Muslim priest and having lot of disciples) knew his interest about Christian faith. Then he complaint against him in the Alia Board and dismissed him from his job.

But Shamsuddin was not discouraged but spent time in reading the Bible that was given to him by one of our evangelists Abdul Kalam. That challenged him and he believed in Jesus as his personal Savior.
He was baptized on 27th October 2004. He joined in our Bible Training last year. He is so thankful to the Lord for bringing him to His eternal kingdom. Since he stays in Muslim populated areas, he asks to pray for his spiritual life and salvation experience of his family members.


  1. Moullana Yaar Moham mad Khanage 

He was born and bought up in a Muslim family. He has passed and honored with Moullana title from Alia Board of Muslim University, Kolkata. He also passed in Moullana degree in Arabic. He is one of the relatives of Pr. Fakruddin through whom he came to faith in the Lord.

Since last 10 years, he obeyed Quran laws, and read Namaz and sariat laws regularly. He got a job in a high Madrassaas Arabic and Hadith teacher (religious guru). That madrassa is affiliated with Govt. of West Bengal. In fact, he is an expert in Quran because he by hearted Quran and can remember each verse. Since last 12 years, he has been teaching children. He works as imam also. However, he never knew that he is a sinner and needs to be forgiven by true God. Pr. Fakruddin shared the Gospel with him. He remembers that when the concern pastor accepted Jesus, he forced him to become Muslim again, but was not successful. Many times he threatened evangelist who distributed tracts in his village. Pr. provided him literature named ‘Do you know God’s salvation is ready for you? That book became turning point in his life. He read the book and liked it so much. He completed reading the same book twice in15 days and understood that he is a great sinner. Further, the word God challenged him from Acts- 4:12 “No, other way/no names except Jesus who provides salvation “His faith increased in the Lord and he accepted Jesus as Lord on 8th Feb. 2009 and read whole Bible. He left his Madrassa job since he accepted JESUS in his life and continuing his Govt. job. He writes in his testimony in Bengali language that ‘The Holy Spirit empowered me to help poor people through money by collecting it from people for their marriage purpose and at the same time, I also share Gospel with them about Love of God in their lives.’ He acknowledged Jesus and was baptized on 19th May 2011. Please pray for his parents for their salvation.