Medical Camp

AIMJ had organized medical camp on 8th June 09 in the flood affected areas namely: 1) Basanti, 2) Basir hat, 3) Gosapa of24 Pgs of West Bengal, among whom 189 families were provide with relief materials and 1333 people came in medical camp and Dr. Roshan Gazi treated the patients. We are so thankful to our partners for sponsoring relief camp. Our VDMTF members & volunteers brought flood victims to temporary shelters and participated in relief operation, rehabilitation and disaster preparedness program.


AIDS day Awareness program

All India Masihi Jamat organized International AIDS day on 1st December ‘09 at three places of West Bengal. They are namely: CONTAI, DIGHA and TAMLUK. In which 953 were got awareness on HIV/AIDS. 450 believers learnt about HIV/AIDS and its impact on individual, family and society. Almost 3,000 leaflets on HIV/AIDS and 15,000 condoms were distributed freely. Further Food packets were distributed. 250 patients were prayed for. This news was published in two newspapers namely 1) Contai Tirbhum 2) Dainik Chetna in Bengali Langauge. People from the locality highly appreciated AIMJ’s effort for HIV/AIDS awareness program. We hope to get good response in future.



AIMJ had organized a workshop on HIV/ AIDS awareness program in society’s base office in Contai, West Bengal from13th to 17th July 2010. The Workshop was successfully held with 24 Social Worker and pastor from various project areas of West Bengal. They appreciate the workshop deliverance on HIV/AIDS. It was simple as well as meaningful that participant easily could understand the all about HIV/AIDS. The workshop has brought a new idea on child and teenage counseling which may give a new insight to the field. The entire participants were so glad to have this kind of workshop and ready to impart their learning based knowledge in their respective field. Moreover it was an interactive, practical and full of conducive ideas.