Aila Relief Operation

It was known to all people that, Aila cyclone came on 25th May 09 in West Bengal by devastating many houses and people lost all their belongings within few hours. That claimed 25 lives and affected over 22 lakh people. Among them154 believers’ houses were affected and they stayed on road side. AIMJ & MSWS has 20 Village Disaster Mitigation Task Force (VDMTF) comprising of 252 members (both ladies and gents) had involved to save flood victims. Our VDMTF members were provided with 50 boats from West Bengal Govt. to carry on rescue operation.


Distribution of Hurricane Lantern in West Bengal

Muneer and All India Masihi Jamat has ministry in Murshidabad, where the workers and the believers living in such rural areas are totally neglected and out of electricity facility. They find difficulties to run their daily work at night, generally the believer used the local made tiny open lamp which is prone to set a fire at any time with a blink of an eye if proper care does not taken or handle carelessly. Seeing this pathetic situation in a courtesy visit to West Bengal in March 2010, Rev David Warnock had been so moved according to the Word of God from John 8:12 that Jesus proclaiming Himself “I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD” but these people are living in darkness, immediately he prayed to God and planned to do something for them which may workout at the time of night.

God answer his prayer and honored his commitment, on 7th July’10, Saturday Rev AsadMasih conducted a thanks giving service at Berhampore, Murshidabad district of West Bengal, where pastors, evangelists and believer from the different ministerial fields gathered together to worship and praise the God. In that auspicious occasion Rev Asad distributed the Kerosene Lantern among 28 families which came to them from Rev David as a token of gift. The entire beneficiaries thanked God and for the love and support by Rev David for that compassionate gift. Further, they testified that this lantern will remind them all their way to be the light of Jesus to other. Though it looks small but has great impact on them.


Distribution of Bicycles:

All India Masihi Jamat thank God for His loving people for their generous contribution towards Bicycles assistance for our 25 social workers cum pastors (gents and ladies) working for the Lord at remote areas in West Bengal. Bicycles distribution program was organized on 26th Feb. 2011, at 24 Pgs. on 3rd March 2011 at Purba Midnapore, West Bengal. Now, they are so happy in the Lord and reaching many new villagers with the Gospel easily.