Seminar 1: The Lord enabled us to hold a very good seminar for three days on 4th — 6th February 2005 at Contai Chandan Lodge, WB. There were more than 140 participants attended in the seminar. The participants came from different states of India. All India Masihi Jamat had taken all expenses of the delegates. We had provided them lodging and boarding facilities at Chandan and Mohua lodge. Theme of the seminar was “Prepare the way of the Lord- Isaiah 40:3”. The inaugural message was so emphatic and impressive and brought attention to concentrate more in His living Word. All totals there were 8 sessions. Every day we had morning and evening devotion.

This seminar was specially organized for church leaders in order mobilize and refresh them from His Word for the expansion of His kingdom. Along with them, active church members were invited to accompany their pastors to attend in the seminar. We thank God that in this seminar there were 41 ladies only participated in the seminar and enjoyed and learnt from the Word of God.

Mr. Joy Julius, the chairman of Muneer, was the chief guest and speaker. The Lord used Him mightily by His Spirit. Also Mr. Kabiraj Kumar, evangelism in had participated in it to lead the congregation in singing, praising and worship hour. God’s Word penetrated the hearts of every participant. The worship hour was an excellent time for all of us to enjoy in the presence of God. Local choir helped the participants in singing and worship. In the seminar we organized a Bible memorization competition was based on Psalm 51. There were 12 participants and 4 of them recited the chapter successfully were rewarded for it. Really, we thank God for blessing this seminar in a wonderful way.

Seminar 2: The Lord enabled All India Masihi Jamat to organize a two days seminar on 22nd and 23rd July 2010 at Don Bosco! Nitika, 52A, Radhanath Choudhury Road, Kolkata-700015, West Bengalj, It was attended by 56 Muslimworkers from different parts of West Bengal. Topic for the seminar was Dangers of Contextualization Method. Resource persons for seminar were Pr. Asad Masih, Bhaskar LaI Choudhury, Rajesh Pal and Pr. Sukhchand Mandi also took time to share and encouraged the participants.

Few references which were taken from Bible were Rev 5 : 1-7 and in 3: 16 — 18, Cor 1: 18; Jn 14:6, Jn 3:16, 2:12, 1Peter 2:1 & Rev. 10:18. Participants were motivated to work for the Lord among their Muslim friends and relatives through Bible methods itself. The seminar was really successful. We thank God for providing funds to organize such seminar for neighbors in our country.

Retreat program: The Lord has given us burden to hold retreat in our churches. Last year we had organized 16retreats program in which 554 believers participated. That was the time for us to encourage the believers to grow in faith and love of Christ.