The Lord has been blessing our literature ministry. We have been using different book for evangelism and outreach program. There is no doubts that many seekers are studying such books and are blessed through it. More over the Lord helped us to translate the book from English to Bengal language. Till now 12000 literatures have been printed and 2000 people came to Christ through this literature ministry.

Followings books were printed last year:

  1. The infallibility of the Torah and the Gospel – (Toarat O injeel Sharifer Abhrantata)
  2. A Question that demands an answer – (Ekti Prashna Je Littar Chae)
  3. What do you think about Christ? – (Apne Masih Sambandhe Ki Chinta Karen)
  4. Do you know God’s salvation is ready for you? (Apni Janen ki Apner Jannar Nazat susapanna Karahaiachhe)
  5. Testimony of Quran — (Kuraner Sakshya)

Through this literature ministry 124 people have come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We thank God for His servants those who support us financially for printing book every year.

Taimina Begum – Came to the Lord after reading book

She is 32 years old and her husband Sk. Anwar Rehman is 36 years old. They both came to Lord from an orthodox Muslim family from Murshidabad district, West Bengal. They admit that it is a great privilege for them to know Jesus, the true Savour of all.

They heard about Jesus Christ through Pastor Sabkat Ah. The concern pastor had gone to her house and offered a book named “Do you know God’s salvation is ready for you”. That was in Bengali language. She read it with a great enthusiasm. Even she encouraged her husband to go read it. After reading they understood that salvation is free of cost and nothing to pay for it just only to put faith in Jesus. She repented for her sins along with his husband and accepted Him as personal Savior and Lord. Now they are so happy in the Lord. Many times the pastor visited their house and prayed for them. They witnessed the Lord by taking water baptism on 12th February 2005.

This news was spread up and their parents came to know about their new way and faith. They started opposing and started torturing them physically and mentally. Even they warned them to leave house. But they loved the Lord and endured all blames for Christ and became strong in faith.

They prayed to the Lord and asked His guidance. They Lord provided strengths to face such incidents. They both decided to follow Jesus in their personal and family life. They also received genuine peace of God in their mind. Sk.Anwar has written a Bengali song such as:

Literature Ministry


“Sabar Uppere Achhan Jishu

Amrei Sa bai Tari Sishu.”

Meaning – Jesus is above all people and we are His Children