Children are so precious in the sight of God. We consider this ministry as so important indeed. The Lord enabled us to start many Sunday schools in our mission fields. We purchase Children books and provide to our pastors and evangelist those are having Sunday school. These books are available in different language such as Bengali, Hindi and English. We have some pictures books, which are so useful and influential for Sunday school children. We have experience that it has increased curiosity of students to study Biblical stories and to know God’s work.

Following Sunday school books have been used in Sunday school:

  • The children’s Bible (Hindi- Bal Sulabh Sachitra Baibal)
  • Stories of the Bible (in Hindi-Baibal ki Kahaniyan Bachcho ke liye.)
  • The young’s children Bible (in Hindi Baibal Prabeshika)
  • Family Bible- (A Picturew Journey from Genesis to Revelation). In Hindi-Paribarik Baibal-Baibal ki Ghatanao ki Chitramaya Yatra)
  • Mommy, why did Jesus has to Die?
  • Mommy, Is God as Strong as Daddy?

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