Evangelism ¡s one of the most important activities of All India Masihiiamat. We give much priority to it. Because we firmly believe that without evangelism, church-planting ministry is difficult. Therefore, AIMJ always encourages pastors cum social workers to disburse time in evangelism. In other word our co-workers go for out reach program individually or corporately each week. We know those tracts as silent speaker. We use following tracts, package and booklet for evangelism work. They are available in different languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Urdu and English. Followings are few books and tracks:

  • Peace (Shanti in Bengali)
  • Jesus makes a dead man alive (Vishu ek Byakti kojevit karta hai). This is your life story (Yaha Apki Jevan ki Kahani) Heart of Premlal (Premlal ki dil)
  • The Heart of man (in Bengali —Manav Hridaya)
  • Does God love all people (Kya Khuda tawla sab Insano se muhabbat rakhta hai)
  • Who is Christ (Isha Masih Ke)
  • Do you know God’s salvation is ready for you? (Bengali)
  • A question demands an answer. (Bengali)
  • What do you think about Christ? (Bengali)

We obtain these tracts and booklets from different churches. All India Masihi Jamat especially concentrates among those people are unreached with the Gospel. We have been seeing many miracles from our Lord. Our pastors and evangelists reach in remote villages where Gospel never heard or preached. We thank the Lord for opening the door to reach such unreached areas. Till now the Lord has enabled us to establish 190 Churches in the four states of India.