Praise God for 
His loving kindness and faithfulness throughout the years.
Enabled our pastors to bring 8,801 church believers.
Helping our pastors to establish 871 cell groups.
Enabling us to train biblically 10,050 people.
Blessing us with 74 social workes cum pastors and 17 Volunteers.
His protection to our pastors and social workers from persecution and threatening.
Enabling us to hold baptism camps in different states
fulfilling our different needs for His kingdom
giving us prayer partners, admirers, well — wishers, donors for His kingdom

Please pray for 
newly baptized believers to grow in faith, testimony and spiritual life
Different needs and necessity to be fulfilled by the Lord.
Fund for the construction of church buildings in the fields
God’s protection and care for all pastors and evangelists
Opportunity for new contacts, outreach program and follow up work
Board Members, prayer partners, donors and well wishers
Regular Bible training center for long and short term basis.
God’s guidance and protection for Rt. Rev. Bishop Dr. Asad Masih and Rev. Shuvra Masih.
Successful ministry of AIMJ
Availability of literature for outreach program
Burial grounds in Delhi and West Bengal


Tested and Approved

Apostle Paul mentioned the name of a believer Apelles who was ‘tested and approved in Christ’ (Rom. 16:10) what proved in Christ but alas! I cannot honestly say that about myself. However, I believe this testimony can be applied to Bishop Asad Masih and his co-workers for the Lord in AIMJ.

I have noted that the ministry of AIMJ had been tested during the past year God had approved ¡t by giving them ‘fruits that last’ as well as the commendations of the secular authorities who granted
them all the legal registrations and recognition within the year. Pastor Asad Masih has been personally tested through physical trauma, emotional battle and spiritual conflicts. He has come through, by the grace of God, to become a more Christ-like servant of God. His family and colleagues have exhibited the approval of God by becoming more humble and committed servants for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

I commend the ministry of AIMJ to the keeping of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is a privilege to consider themmy partners in the gospel of the Lord Jesus. May they always be an example and inspiration for others who are also engaged in the business of our heavenly Father.

Message by Lalchuangliana

Exective Director