Dear prayer partners in Christ.

I greet you all in the best and sweet name of Jesus Christ our loving Lord.

The Bible is God’s Word and light to our feet. We are very sure that the central message of the Bible is the Lord Jesus Christ and His work of redemption. The Holy Bible reveals the love of God. As millions of people in India hunger for the hope and purpose found in the Bible and as churches everywhere experience rapid growth. The Lord is using His dedicated servants for the expansion of His kingdom throughout the nation.

We read in John 7:38 “He who believes in Me, as the scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.” Yes, the Lord is bringing many lost souls to His kingdom through our ministry called All India Masihi Jamat. The Lord has blessed our ministry in order to establish many house churches and to bring lost souls to His kingdom. Our pastors and evangelists along with few believers were tortured and blamed for Christ. But we thank God that He has protected their lives and strengthened them to endure all troubles and trials. Furthermore, the Lord opened the door of evangelism in many new places to spread up His Good News. It’s observed that new believers have been learning word of God, devotional songs and growing in faith.

Once again, we refresh and dedicate our lives and ministry in His mighty hand to inspire and lead us in a new way to establish His kingdom through His spirit. We humble ourselves and ask His every blessing we need to exalt Jesus’ name among Muslims in our country. I am so thankful to our loving and living God for expanding our work not only in Delhi but also in U.P., West Bengal, Assam, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Tripura.

Furthermore, I am extremely grateful and thankful to partners for guiding and supporting our ministries continuously. In fact, it has enabled us to stand firm in faith and to witness for Him. May God almighty, to whom we are in our existence and achievements; cause His grace and richest blessings to be with us forever.

Yours in Him

Dr.  Asad Masih
All India Masihi Jamat